A Little About Me                                                                             

My passion is to share my 50+ years of life experience by teaching and encouraging women who need help navigating the highs and lows of living a life worthy of the Gospel of Christ.  As a now "older woman", I've learned from both successes and failures in serving people, and the Lord, which I'm starting to see as nuggets of gold to share as we all try to keep up in an ever changing, and often difficult world.  Through Christ we have victory in this life, which comes from the hope of someday living as we were designed to live, but still deal with the daily tension that comes from being broken.  We need to help each other dig deep roots into the soil of God's truth in order to withstand the storms of life as well as to spread the love of God to others who need Him.    

*Live in South Dakota (but still a Montanan at heart); Raised 4 active but creative young men; Love the outdoors, music, anything artistic, travel and adventure; Love God above all else*

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